Toss out all those old, traditional ideas about how to play keyboard. It’s a lot easier to learn today than it ever has been. Traditional lessons are giving way to a better and more efficient approach which helps beginners and intermediate students get up and running very quickly.

While you’re at it, toss out any worries that this will be hard to do. The fact is, you can learn to play well, and do it so much easier than you ever thought possible.

Bonus fact: You can have a lot of fun learning. Most of us remember the old days when the focus was on playing scales and doing endless exercises before we got anywhere near the good stuff.

Well, you can kiss those days goodbye. An entirely different approach is now available. You can learn to play keyboard in the comfort of your own home, any time you want.

I may be making this sound like some kind of “miracle method,” but it is really something very basic: You begin by learning to play chords. What’s the advantage in this approach? Simple: chords are the building blocks of all songs. Once you learn a few chord patterns (often called “chord progressions”), you can play a whole bunch of related song very easily.

Here’s an example that may surprise you. Exactly the same chords are used to build two very different melodies: 1) the blues song, Summertime and 2) the classical Fuer Elise by Beethoven. They really sound quite different because of their individual rhythms and tempos, but they are using identical chords!

How does this help you? Simple: just learn those chords once, and the door is open for you to play keyboard easily with a whole variety of related songs. If you want to kick it up a notch, and play your own songs, you can do that too: Start making up (improvising) melodies based on these chords. That totally frees you from being stuck with playing only what someone else has written down, and is a lot of fun.

You can get started right away with surprisingly little cost. Excellent online resources are available which for as little as what one or two private lessons would cost. This gives you access to video and audio training that will last you for years.

You will find a low cost, excellent method to learn this new method right here: play keyboard today.

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